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Borne of a personal nutritional need due to the lack of quality in nutraceuticals in the region coupled with severe lack of expertise and knowledge when providing supplement related nutritional advise, Dr. Younis Salmean founded Dr. Salmean brand supplements on the premise that research and proper information are always needed to benefit from supplements and that clean, effective grade formulations should be the model for nutritional supplements.  Dr. Salmean has over 20 years’ experience in the field of nutrition, diet, and functional therapy. Based on research, safety and quality, Dr. Salmean supplements are best in class.

Our primary areas of focus are Weight Loss, Appetite Control, Mood and Cognition, Healthy Aging, Women’s Health, and most notably, Microbiome and GI Health, where Dr. Salmean has extensive research lead over other brands. 

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Asst. Professor Younis Salmean Ph.D, MS.c, BS.c

Founder, Younis Salmean, started his advisory role in nutritional care with a fundamental desire to deliver safe, effective, and practical healthcare solutions. His aim and objectives today are achieved by providing the best in class supplements and the use of Smart Weight System