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An important supplement to protect the liver and body and get rid of visceral fat and help in the process of weight loss.  Detox Support supplement has a vitamin-like ability to protect against free radicals by activating other antioxidants and helping vitamins C and E, and the main antioxidant Glutathione to protect the body and liver specifically. Detox Support supplement effectively helps convert fat and sugar into metabolic energy to stimulate the process of eliminating visceral fat and harmful liver fat. One of the strongest antioxidants in existence that works to stop and repair cell damage caused by harmful oxidation.  Can be used to combat hairline hair loss, improve sugar control and reduce liver size.

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An important supplement to protect the liver and body, get rid of visceral fat, and help in the process of losing weight
Alpha Lipoic Acid supports the liver in its detoxification efforts and reduces liver size (300 mg daily)
Releases energy more easily so we lose weight faster (200 mg or more)

Usefule as a powerful antioxidant that reduces hairline hair loss (150 mg  or more)

Improve blood sugar control and treatment of PCOS (200 mg or more)

if using thyroid medications, note to monitor levels of thyroid hormones  carefully

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