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Zinc Carnosine has been shown in numerous clinical trials to help protect and heal the stomach lining while promoting digestive comfort. Studies confirm that Zinc Carnosine enhances mucus secretion important for protecting the stomach and digestive system, exerts antioxidant properties, and regulates the formation of cellular membranes, thus helping to protect Stomach and small intestine.
Supportive glutamine complex enhances intestinal microflora function and mucosal integrity to support gastric function and tissue protection. An effective formula to treat recurrent intestinal ulcers, an inflamed stomach, and to strengthen immunity in general. Suitable for raising zinc levels, and an important supplement for skin health.

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Supports healthy skin, hair and nails
Supports strong immune system
Aid in treatment of gastritis and restore normal gastrointestinal mucosa and lining
Aid in the production of mucous in the gastrointestinal system

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